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We are now giving Hatha Yoga in Mysore, India at the Mystic School. Right in the heart of one of the most vibrant and diverse yogasana scenes in the world.

Teacher Training: Sukhashanti Yoga is an established yoga alliance accredited provider. We provide training in Hatha Yoga in a vinyasa flow style India. The goal of a 200 Hr Sukhashanti yoga teacher training is to help everyone to first practice yoga with the confidence that on their own they can calm their mind, relax their body and experience pure consciousness. Then to be able to teach yoga in a way that shares that personal connection. The program is both guided and prescriptive yet also creative. Including a focus on designing asana sequences and progressions and self reliance as a yoga instructor in practice and principle.

For the near next few years all Teacher Training Courses will be run in India at the Mystic School in Mysore. This will enable students to delve deep into yoga practice and yoga teaching at an affordable price in a modern historical centre of yoga.

In the future I would like to expand this program to a 500 hour course focussing on creativity and therapeutics. I will be collaborating with other teachers on this project so stay tuned.

All schedules, pricing and details can be found here.

Yoga Therapy: Ive been working as a multi-modality therapist using chiropractic, accupuncture and body work for the last 10 years. This time has has gifted me a vast field of experience of both common complaints and complicated situations. Ive assisting yogi's with their practice to alleviate long term postural patterns, previous trauma and yoga related injuries.

Now I have developed a protocol geared toward yoga therapy exclusively. Sessions are based on a critical history and medical imaging, whole body postural analysis, range of motion testing and muscle testing. The treatment is usually yoga based rehabilitation and training. This might mean simple alterations and additions to a practice regimen.

For Skype sessions please contact me by email to arrange an appointment.

Anatomy Courses: We offer yoga antomy courses from 10 - 40 hours in India. After 5 years of running courses in Anatomy and Kinesiology the course structure has been expanded with another 3 sections of material. Ive been scanning my textbooks and have incorporated a new projector slideshow. To make learning more comprehensive I have integrated mini yoga asana practices into the course so everyone gets a feel for the concepts. For a detailed description of course content and delivery please check out this page.

Thanks for visiting I hope you can find on the pages here some useful information. Ive taken the time to make this sight myself and wanted it to be much more than just a marketing vehicle.


All our students loved Noah's workshop. He combines great knowledge about yoga and the physical body in a very interesting and fun way. An absolute recommendation for all yoga students and teachers!

-Janneke Wersma

Owner: De Yoga Studio


Noah brought an amazing presentation of yoga anatomy with him to the GAVY Teacher Apprenticeship. I recommend him 100% to any yoga practitioners and teachers that want to understand what is going on within the body during asana practice. All in an exciting, dynamic way. Noah Rocks!

- Michael Gannon

Owner: Ashtanga Americas


Noah's presentation is clear, accessible and thought provoking. A gift to yogis both new and seasoned.

- Dena Kinsberg

Owner: Byron Bay Yoga Shala


When we had It´s Yoga Stockholm we had the privelage to work with Noah on and off for a couple of years. We are truely grateful to have had him as a teacher. He is an excellent teacher, professional, organized and with a cool style that inspires his students.
Thank you Noah for charing your knowledge with us!

-Catarina Lacayo

Owner: Its Yoga Nicuagura


Our shala was doing well. We enjoyed teaching every morning and had led classes in the evening that were well attended. And then, one April afternoon a very strong, very real presence entered our space. It was Noah Mckenna. He came asking only to practice. It took all of two weeks before we were asking him to share his wealth of knowledge with the rest of our 120+ students. What Noah Mckenna did for us and our students was to add theory, theory to our practice, practice. We had over 30 students sign up for Noah's course within the first two weeks of announcing it. Each and every one agreed that if Noah were to ever return to our shala they would be the first to sign up again.

-Youngblood Roche

Owner: Ashtanga Adelaide


I found Noah's classes invaluable to my practice.

-Bo Chang


After attending Noah Mckenna's Anatomy Workshop I immediately enrolled for the workshop again. His teaching style is a totally natural imparting of the key points about anatomy as it relates to yoga from a starting point of complete understanding. If a teacher is completely in command of their subject the teaching comes with such ease. Noah answered questions thoughtfully & clearly & ensured the whole group grasped the concepts he was explaining. I would highly recommend his workshops for every level in yoga.

-Sarah Gordon


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful and fantastic workshop. I learned so much from it, and all I've learned immediately payed-off in my daily practice. The next day, it was just very easy to come into urdhva dhanurasana, while before it has always been a struggle.

-Saskia Soekar


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and inspiring the group at Purple Valley.

-Tamara Reasin

Owner: Yoga Art


I really enjoyed your talk about anatomy.. I found the information very useful and the way you delivered it was exceptional. I just wish we actually had more time.

-Iman Elsherbiny

I would just like to thank you for your time and efforts to provide our group with the anatomy part of our teacher training course in Goa, I have studied anatomy quite a few times on various occasions for the different things I teach and Therapies I provide but there is always more to learn or to re learn when the memory of things fade, I found your course interesting and very informative.

-Roger Hooten

I had a wonderful weekend and it changed my view on yoga. Looking back we did quite a lot of intense postures, but it did not feel like it while doing it. I loved your gentle approach and learned so much more about anatomy and stretching that it really changed and deepened my practice. I highly appreciate your openess to share your knowledge, views and personal experiences with us.

-Boukje Theewues